Another Test on the Trackback

Yeah I’m fairly certain this is going to blow up the plugin


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Testing Trackbacks

Yay Trackbacks!  Hooray Trackbacks!

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Finals are over!

All Falls Down from the album “The College Dropout” by Kanye West

Finally! My finals went reasonably well, I kicked my History exam’s ass, and I think I did well enough in Math. But more importantly, it’s all over now, and I’ve got a month and a half to relax now — and get some work done. I think I’ll try to get my job back at JHU. For now, though, its lounging around the house being a bum. I’ve had so much to do the past week, I just need to unwind for a few days. Being home is kinda weird, but it’s alright. Didn’t stay awake for too long before i was crashing, but it’s kinda nice being home…this will wear off quickly, I’m sure. I’ll probably be finding some form of entertainment tonight, something to write about hopefully. Well it’s time for food, and as I’ve given pretty much everything that’s gone on in the past few days (exciting, i know), I’ll drop back in when something new of significance happens 😛

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Strike out at the hookah bar

Unfortunately Andy’s Christian Mistress canceled out on the hookah bar (not my doing, i swear), so we headed down to college park on our lonesome. We met up with Dena at the hookah bar, as it’s not really a trip to the hookah bar without that authentic arab touch :P. It was an amusing trip all around, but my God, I don’t think I’ve ever met such annoying people in my entire life. Dena’s honors mentor from Prince Georges CC was there, and garnered herself the award for “the most annoying, self-interested woman I’ve met in my life” — and that’s saying something. I suppose I could give her more of a chance, but eh, I wouldn’t be a judgmental prick if I did…

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Experimenting with photo blogging

Back already, I’ve been messing with photo blogging. I set up a flickr account which lets me upload my photos easily, and I’ve now got my cell phone uploading pictures to my computer. So for now, I’ll use andy as an example as he bows down to his master:


Be back later tonight, probably with pictures from the hookah bar.

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Music Scrounging!

We Rule The School from the album “Tigermilk” by Belle & Sebastian

So after a wasted day yesterday filled with sleeping…and then a movie…and then more sleeping…I’m finally up and ready for a full day of productivity. And by productivity, I mean, not studying like I should, and goofing off instead. I’ve got two exams next week, but today, I think, will be my day off…

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First blog!

Hello! This is my new blog, and I have no idea what I am going to do with it yet. I may try to update everyday. It may consume my life. I may completely ignore it. Who knows, but most likely, i’d bank on the latter. But, I’m trying to be religious with my updating with this new blog. I think I’ll use this to mostly describe what’s going on in my life, without, you know, turning it into the typical angsty-emo blog. But hey, I’m not totally opposed to the idea either. Okay, I’m out for now, I’ll drop in later though!

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